Who has more potential, OpenSea or Rare Bits?

According to related reports, since OpenSea's inception, this NFT trading platform has grown to become the undisputed leader in the field. Excellent asset breadth, simple issuance process and powerful filtering features have given Opensea a 97% market share in the comprehensive trading platform for ethereum, and as the eBay of the NFT world, with over 430 downloads on its first day!
Dramatically, OpenSea and Rare Bits were launched on Product Hunt on the same day this month, with OpenSea describing itself as "the eBay of crypto" and Rare Bits describing itself as "an eBay-like zero-fee crypto asset trading platform. eBay-like crypto asset trading platform".
Rare Bits is made up of four former Zynga (the American social gaming company) employees and seems capable of fully exploiting this new space. After all, the NFT would be used primarily by gamers. The industry view at the time was that NFT might appeal to this market segment - providing a way for game developers to sell new skins, special weapons and other digital goods. 230 downloads on the first day of Rare Bits' creation! But OpenSea beat Rare Bits by 230 votes with 447 votes on the day.
By comparison, OpenSea managed to raise $2 million from a strong lineup including 1confirmation, Founders Fund, Coinbase Ventures, and Blockchain Capital. That's outstanding, but well behind the $6 million in Rare Bits received a month ago with participation from Spark, First Round and Craft.
As time goes on, who has more potential, OpenSea or Rare Bits? Let's wait and see!