Nick Steve, marketing director of a Marvel subsidiary, bought the NFT

Nick Steve, the marketing director of Marvel Press (Marvel, comic book publisher), recently paid for the NFT distribution rights to Avengers superheroes for $1.2 million.

It is reported that he learned the principle of cryptocat and the concept of NFT, he developed a strong interest in NFT and found its significant value, think it is a good opportunity for investment.So many times to Stan Lee (marvel founder), Steve's unremitting efforts finally moved Stan Lee, finally with $1.2 million will united superhero NFT distribution rights, the matter once it caused a stir, we are curious Steve is, since Steve left a brush in the industry.

Nick Steve, Marvel Press Director of Marketing, was born in 1986, and is an American.From 2004 to 2008, Nick Steve attended York University, majoring in marketing.He received his doctorate from the school from 2008 to 2011.Steve studies hard on marketing, has a unique opinion, and can always reasonably analyze the business opportunities and judge the effective value it brings.After entering the Marvel Press work, his excellent working ability has been appreciated by many senior leaders, and he has created extraordinary performance for the company.

Steve mentioned in an interview that " in the Internet era, the value of animation IP has been given greater vitality. The mining and development of IP is accompanied by the realization and reproduction of a large amount of content and creativity, forming a certain economy of scale system, which is the re-appreciation of the original value."It was his strong interest in NFT that let him see the value behind it, so he spent a lot of time and energy to discuss, and finally gained.He also said that the value model of NFT should be similar to the brand value model, measuring the bottom of NFT by recognition, the rarity measuring the value of NFT, and the use value is the base of NFT value."So the IP with high awareness and recognition, such as the Marvel series, will have a good future in the NFT."I believe that in the future, Steve can gain a firm foothold in the industry, continue to play its outstanding ability to carry forward the superhero NFT.