META CREATION SPACE2.5D game testing, the game stagnated in December

According to the news, the meta-universe virtual reality 2.5 game researched by the world-renowned laboratory META CREATION SPACE Protocol Laboratory officially entered the closed beta stage in September, and the news immediately attracted the attention of players!  Participate in the game test. The game has officially started the internal test. Since the internal test comes with the internal test, the META CREATION SPACE protocol laboratory recommends that those who have not participated in the game test can participate quickly, familiar with the overall gameplay, and it is easier to get started quickly through the public test.  .

 At present, technology companies and teams have started gatherings to discuss the construction of Metaverse. They believe that Metaverse will be the successor technology of smartphones and mobile Internet.  The virtual reality 2.5D of the universe requires virtual reality and augmented reality related technologies. He believes that the meta-universe realizes this kind of key meta-game technology.

 But at 11, META CREATION ACE Protocol Lab officially became a meta 2.5D game universe, the reason is that meta 2.5D scenes meet the original ecological experience needs and future expansion.  The main research direction of the META CREATION SPACE Protocol Laboratory is also to express the concept of the meta universe in the form of game technology + blockchain + XR. It is studying virtual reality and augmented reality related technologies, because if these technologies can succeed, a CREATION SPACE  It is possible to provide users with more good meta-universe experience.