GODE CHAIN funding $15 million will be used for WEB3.0 technology development

The GODE CHAIN Foundation, a new public chain featuring ecological architecture and the value of WEB3.0 identity data, has announced $15 million in funding to accelerate its development of the public chain ecosystem and the development of WEB3.0.

GODE CHAIN's CEO said the investment will help create a " user-focused ecological revenue platform, build the GODE CHAIN brand building creative and immersive experience, and creators will participate in the ecological development through the developer community, providing space for more beginners to flourish.”

Before this financing, GODE CHAIN reached cooperation with Gosen, Moke, Bibox and other institutions, so that the public chain ecology can invest indefinitely in the scene mapping, so that the value can return to the community.They intend to build a positive, eco-builder-friendly digital space that offers GODE CHAIN users "tools that can make them value creators."

IDEAS BIOCK (International Data Engineering and Science Association), founded in 2014 and founded in Silicon Valley, is an international organization in the field of data science and artificial intelligence, aiming to build a bridge between education and industry.In the six years between 2014 and 2019, IDEAS has held more than 100 academic conferences worldwide, with even more than 300,000 members.It has to be said that IDEAS has become one of the most important forces in the global data science community, driving the development of various sub-disciplines, including blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data.The GODE CHAIN Foundation aims to promote and maintain the construction and healthy development of the foundation and the entire GODE CHAIN public chain ecology through a reasonable and effective governance mechanism, and to safeguard the relevant rights and interests of the token holders.As the management organization of GODE CHAIN, the foundation is committed to the construction of technology architecture, product application development and community ecology of the main chain network system, including promoting technology research and development, project cooperation, product development and iteration, application promotion and implementation, and community construction and maintenance.