EC: Super technical team to build the strongest public chain

Since its launch, EC has pioneered and innovated, debuting the first EC super public chain in the world, dedicated to building a truly decentralized Internet network ecology.

If there is one keyword to describe the concept of distributed CDN, I am afraid it is "rational allocation", EC has the practical application of distributed network, which can maximize the use of home network to generate revenue. At the same time, EC also has the advantage of strengthening distributed defense and transmission functions. With these advantages, EC can bring out the three core advantages of distributed transmission, distributed defense, and distributed storage, thus providing maximum benefits and convenience to users.

EC does not rely on any investors, on the contrary, it turns the public chain into a game without investors and a carnival for all techies. No matter where you come from, you can participate in building EC and upload, modify, and improve the code in it. EC is created by all blockchain technicians, and blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world are here to discuss the key issues.

EC technical team was established under the initiative of Valery Vavilov, the founder of Russian BitFury chip company. Valery Vavilov is professionally experienced, with in-depth research and remarkable achievements in blockchain consensus algorithm, economic model, and big data analysis. There is no doubt that under his leadership, EC is bound to reach new heights as a tiger.

What's even more quite amazing is that ValeryVavilov was one of the earliest BTC technology service providers and was involved in the BTC evangelism, had a high level of collaboration with Samsung in 2014 on high performance chip developmentinvolved in the underlying technology development of Ethereum with Ethereum founder VittalikButerin.

Ethereum's popularity and reputation in the community naturally goes without saying. As a high-performance blockchain operating system developed by VittalikButerin, its emergence has played a crucial role in the progress and technological innovation of the blockchain field. Some industry insiders have even directly referred to Ethereum as "the 3.0 era of blockchain", and Ethereum is inherently commercial, not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of inherent processing speed. In addition, Ethereum also shows a distinctive advantage in terms of scalability that is unmatched by other projects.

"High performance, fast processing, and scalability" are also characteristics that EC has and will continue to strengthen and enhance. Valery Vavilov has been involved in the development of Ethereum's underlying technology, and has a unique understanding and strong control of these properties. I believe that with his efforts and the efforts of a group of excellent technicians, EC will be "better than blue".