Amazon Game Studios Announces New World Chain Reform Development Program, Proposes to Build Crypto New World Blockchain Game

Recently, New World, the latest masterpiece developed by Amazon Studios, officially announced the development plan to carry out chain reform and announced that it will build a chain reform version-Crypto New World.

It is understood that New World is a new work set in the 17th century colonial Aeternum Island, using fictional historical content. This work is mainly adventure in the island, the game combined with PVP, hunting and production content. The chain change is due to the plan proposed by Hartman, the vice president of Amazon Games, out of distrust of Frazzini, the president of Amazon Games, and his optimism about the future blockchain concept. After the consideration of all parties got the official effectiveness of Amazon, and will additionally hire the original crypto cat game core technical staff to participate in the development.
As things stand, this is quite consistent with the expectations of Amazon's vice president of games Hartman, Crypto New World game in the early stages of the project has achieved a certain degree of success, it seems that Hartman's decision did not let Amazon disappointed, at least from the support can be seen in this point.
Crypto New World
Crypto New World is a BSC-based metaverse set on the magical medieval island of Aeternum, which has been a source of fantasy lore for thousands of years, where players set out without supplies or allies and need to navigate a dangerous world. Magic flows through the islands of Aeternum, where players can use props and equipment with magical properties to entertain and profit at the same time through PVP battles or by upgrading NFT cards. the Crypto New World metaverse hosts a diverse user base and community culture, and each NFT card has a unique identity. In the world of Crypto New World, your fate is yours to decide.